The Bridge Board

The Bridge Board is a diverse group of young professionals committed to supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland. Through strategically planned programming and a variety of fundraising events, the Bridge Board helps deliver the mission of the Clubs to encourage the kids and teens to become productive, responsible and caring citizens.


Maintaining a consistent presence in the clubs is one of the pillars of the board’s strategy. We hold monthly volunteer events in the clubs and encourage additional volunteering from our members. Our volunteer events cover a variety of educational and lifestyle topics and cater to both elementary-aged and high school students, offering many ways to connect with the club members.


We host two major fundraising events throughout the year. The funds raised through these events help us continue to provide programming to the clubs, as well as scholarships to college-age alumni of the clubs.

Our upcoming events:

12th Annual Tailgate in Tremont – September 12, 2020
Everyone’s favorite tailgate event is now virtual! The annual fundraising tailgate event is as strong as ever despite its transition from the physical to the virtual world and will feature plenty of enter-to-win raffles for enticing award baskets!


Our board includes young professionals from a variety of fields, including law, accounting, finance, marketing, education and healthcare. Joining our board offers networking opportunities among members of all boards connected to the Boys and Girls Clubs.

If you are interested in The Bridge Board, our quarterly networking events are a great opportunity to meet our members and learn about the board.

How to Join

Contact us for information about joining The Bridge Board.

Or, complete our application and submit it to the Board Development committee to be considered for membership on The Bridge Board.

Our members

  • Joey Binder Treasurer; Fundraising Committee
  • Jocelyn Ball
  • Patrick Bloom
  • Tracy Catlin Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Alexander Bolden Volunteer Committee Secretary
  • France Charles Volunteer Committee
  • Andrew Cleves Volunteer Committee Chair
  • Cheryl Donahue
  • Anthony Fiorini Marketing Committee
  • Keniece Gray Board Development Chair
  • Juan Guzman Volunteer Committee; Marketing Committee
  • Jeff Haynes Trustee
  • Ariana Johnson
  • Naomi Johnson Treasurer; Volunteer Committee
  • Curran Kennedy Fundraising Committee
  • Dave LaPuma Vice-Chair; Board Development
  • Rob Murphy
  • Ryan Mulford Fundraising Co-Chair; Marketing Committee; Volunteer Committee
  • Nina Nager Fundraising Committee
  • Matthew Polefko Board Development Committee
  • Allison Taller-Reich Marketing Committee; Volunteer Committee
  • Steve Smola Volunteer Chair
  • Ryan Stemen Volunteer Committee
  • Bill Urban Fundraising Committee; Board Development Committee
  • Rachel Wojtkun Board Development Committee; Fundraising Committee
  • Jon Strano Volunteer Committee