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richard starr interviewed


7.9.2019 WKYC runs a story on the opening of the All-Star Digital Suite at our East Tech Teen Center.

7.5.2019 The Akronist posts a story on the merger of four Northeast Ohio Clubs.

7.3.2019‘s Mandy Bell writes about the reopening of the Larry Doby All-Star Playground.

7.3.2019 files a story on the rededication of the Larry Doby All-Star Playground at our King Kennedy Club.

7.2.2019 Geauga News writes about the merger.

7.2.2019 WCPN Ideastream reports on the merger creating Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio.

7.2.2019 The Morning Journal writes a story on the merger of four Clubs.

7.1.2019 Our Ron Soeder is interviewed by WKSU about the merger.

7.1.2019 WKYC runs a merger story.

7.1.2019 The Chronicle-Telegram runs a story on the merger.

7.1.2019 Crain’s Cleveland Business reports on the merger involving our Club and three others.

7.1.2019 runs a story on the formation of Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio.

7.1.2019 The Beacon Journal reports on the merger.

7.1.2019 runs a story on the merger of four area Boys & Girls Clubs.

7.1.2019 WTAM reports on the merger creating Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Ohio.

6.26.2019 Page 6 TV does a #WayToGoWednesday piece on Francisco Lindor’s participation in our Race for Kids.

6.13.2019 writes a story about the Race for Kids.

6.7.2019’s Mandy Bell writes about C. C. Sabathia’s talk with our Club kids before an Indians-Yankees game.

6.6.2019 WKYC reports on the work of our Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance subsidiary.

5.24.2019 WOIO airs a story on the partnership between our farm program and Shannon’s Soaps.

5.22.2019 Cleveland Jewish News runs a piece on our June 22 Race for Kids.

5.17.2019 writes a story on the promotion of Shanelle Moon.

5.16.2019 FreshWater Cleveland writes about a United Way program in which teens voted to award grants to BGCC and four other nonprofits.

5.15.2019 WTAM interviews our Ron Soeder at the Cleveland Indians Charities annual golf outing.

5.15.2019 Cleveland Patch writes a story on the appointment of Shanelle Moon as our Broadway Club director.

5.9.2019 Farm and Dairy reports on our partnership with Rust Belt Riders.

5.6.2019 Geauga News runs a story on the June 22 Race for Kids.

5.1.2019 Cleveland Patch reports on the opening of registration for the 2019 Race for Kids.

4.30.2019 The Plain Dealer’s Chuck Yarborough writes about the new digital arts suite at East Tech.

4.30.2019 writes about the All-Star Legacy Initiative.

4.30.2019 WKYC reports on the All-Star Legacy Initiative, which includes a digital arts studio at our East Tech location and improvements to the playground at the King Kennedy Club.

4.29.2019 NPR includes interviews with two Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance staff members in its Guns and America series.

4.24.2019 highlights the Footpath Foundation Camp Kit Day, which generates supplies for our summer campers.

4.22.2019 files a story on the upcoming fashion show that benefits our kids.

4.21.2019 The upcoming Women’s Board fashion show gets a shout-out in Mayfield-Hillcrest Patch.

4.11.2019 Patch reports on the new partnership between our Club Crops farm program and Rust Belt Riders.

4.11.2019 Freshwater Cleveland includes our Morgana Bluffs Nature Preserve Project in a story about the city’s hidden streams.

4.5.2019 Fox 8 honors our Ron Soeder as one of ‘Cleveland’s own.’

4.4.2019 Roxanne Washington of The Plain Dealer writes about our April 20 Book Bazaar, at which local authors will help kids write their own books.

3.31.2019 WVIZ Ideastream re-airs its story on our baseball program in advance of the Cleveland Indians’ home opener.

3.27.2019 New BGCC board member Jeane’ Holley appears on WKYC‘s Live on Lakeside to discuss the upcoming Easter egg hunt at the Broadway Club.

3.24.2019 Youth of the Year Frank Austin writes an op-ed piece for

3.22.2019 Greg Elma, one of the teens in the Building Great Futures program, is a guest on WKYC‘s ‘We the People’ show.

3.21.2019 In its newsletter, ArcelorMittal reports on a grant the company awarded us for digital upgrades.

3.18.2019 Ron Soeder and 2019 Youth of the Year Frank Austin are interviewed live on WTAM radio.

3.18.2019 WTAM runs a story on the selection of Frank Austin as our 2019 Youth of the Year.

3.15.2019 WEWS reports on members of our Saint Luke’s Club delivering bottled water to their counterparts in Flint, Michigan.

3.5.2019 Patch profiles the four finalists for BGCC’s 2019 Youth of the Year.

2.9.2019 WJW runs a story on the dedication of a home renovated by teens in our Building Great Futures program.

2.9.2019 WOIO files a story on Building Great Futures.

2.9.2019 WKYC reports on the dedication of a Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity home renovated by some of our teens.

1.28.2019 WEWS files a story on the basketball clinic that concludes with the replacement of a van.

1.28.2019 WOIO reports on the replacement of one of our vans.

1.28.2019 reports on the purchase of a new van by the Cavs and Smucker’s.

1.22.2019 FoodPrint praises Local Hotness, the hot sauce made with peppers grown by teens in our farm program, as one of three youth-produced products worth trying on National Hot Sauce Day.

1.18.2019 WEWS reports on the opening of our newest Club at Cleveland’s Stepstone Academy.


12.18.2018 A segment on WVIZ-Ideastream’s Ideas show features our kids’ public art project.

12.17.2018 WTAM reports on our public art project in the Opportunity Corridor.

12.17.2018 Our kids’ artwork will be on public display in the Opportunity Corridor, which  is now under construction, WKYC reports.

12.15.2018 The Plain Dealer runs a story on a proposed arts center in which our Clubs could be a future tenant.

12.13.2018 WEWS reports on our Clubs’ return to East Cleveland with a new site at Heritage Middle School.

12.12.2018 WKYC files a story on our vans, which were recovered but damaged beyond repair.

12.12.2018 WTAM reports on the recovery of our vans.

12.5.2018 files a story on the theft of two vans from a lot across the street from the Broadway Club.

12.5.2018 WEWS reports on the theft of two vans from our Club.

12.5.2018 The theft of two BGCC passenger vans is covered by WKYC.

12.5.2018 FOX 8 covers the theft of two BGCC vans from a temporary parking space near our Broadway Club.

12.5.2018 WOIO reports on the two vans stolen from our Broadway Club.

11.27.2018 In its ‘Do Good’ issue, Cleveland Magazine cites BGCC as a great place to volunteer.

11.21.2018’s Chris Quinn includes Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland in a group of local charities to benefit from Action Button.

11.18.2018 WOIO reports on the participation of our families in the Cleveland Indians’ annual holiday meal at Progressive Field.

11.18.2018 BGCC Communications Director Ken Wood writes a column on literacy champions for and the Sun News.

11.9.2018 reports on a 5-on-5 basketball tournament for our kids sponsored by Smucker’s, Jif and the Cavaliers.

11.3.2018 WEWS airs a piece on Rick Doody’s talk to our teens on entrepreneurship and etiquette.

11.3.2018 The Plain Dealer’s Janet Cho reports on a talks given by restaurateur and BGCC board member Rick Doody to our teens on  entrepreneurship.

10.31.2018 Chief Development Officer Robert Koonce is interviewed on the Cleveland Potholes podcast.

10.25.2018 Our upcoming teen visits to the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University are highlighted in a WEWS story.

10.18.2018 WEWS reports on the graphic design program at our Clubs.

10.15.2018 Geauga News runs a story on our upcoming open house.

10.7.2018 publishes an op-ed piece by Shanelle Moon in which she writes about the upcoming open house.

10.5.2018 WKSU runs a story on the start of the Morgana Bluffs project.

10.5.2018 WOIO reports on the launch of the Morgana Bluffs Nature Preserve and Learning Center.

10.4.2018 Channel 5 runs a story on our Club Crops farm program and our branded hot sauce.

10.1.2018 Northeast Ohio Parent features a preview of our Oct. 18 Open House.

9.29.2018 Geauga News reports on our branded hot sauce made with peppers from our farm.

9.28.2018 reports on the Morgana Bluffs Nature Preserve and Learning Center.

9.27.2018 Our Richard Starr is part of a panel on WOIO discussing what advice we give to teen members in the #MeToo era.

9.20.2018 Sharyna Cloud, director of our Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance subsidiary, is interviewed by WOIO for a story on quelling street violence.

9.8.2018 The Plain Dealer reports on the teen popup shop program coordinated by Tory Coats, our director of career readiness.

9.4.2018 WKYC provides popsicles to our kids, courtesy of Pierre’s, during a live weather forecast.

8.20.2018 covers Councilman Zack Reed’s meeting with teens in our Building Great Futures program.

8.20.2018 WEWS runs a story on our campaign to deliver notes of encouragement to all of our Club kids as they head back to school.

8.20.2018 FreshWater Cleveland reports on the planned outdoor learning lab adjacent to our Broadway Club.

8.16.2018 Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance Director Sharyna Cloud is interviewed for a WEWS story on juvenile justice diversion programs.

8.15.2018 As part of the Hard Knocks series, NFL Films and HBO cover safety Damarious Randall’s visit to our Club.

8.15.2018 A FreshWater Cleveland story highlights the work of teens in our Building Great Futures project.

7.23.2018 CMSD News honors our Tamara Thomas as one of the district’s scholar success stories.

7.16.2018 WEWS reports on plans to create an outdoor learning center on a 4-acre site adjacent to our Broadway Club.

7.15.2018 Footpath Foundation President Mary Macias writes about the importance of getting kids outdoors in a column.

7.11.2018 TribeVibe reports on the upcoming Yonder Alonso BaseBowl event benefitting our Clubs.

6.29.2018 Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Cleveland Plan News reports on the Building Great Futures program.

6.21.2018 WEWS interviews Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance violence interrupter Jeff Crosby in  the wake of the shooting death of a 9-year-old girl.

6.19.2018 State Impact Ohio’s Ashton Marra reports on our efforts to combat summer learning loss.

6.18.2018 WTAM covers Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s press conference at our Broadway Club.

6.12.2018 WEWS talks to our Shanelle Moon about some of the creative ways we help our kids discover and learn.

6.5.2018 Ideastream covers the start of Building Great Futures.

6.5.2018 WOIO reports on the launch of Building Great Futures.

6.3.2018 A column by Tamara Thomas, the 2018 Ohio Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year, appears on

6.2.2018 The Sun News writes about the appointment of Lyndhurst resident Doug Taylor.

5.30.2018 Cleveland Patch writes about the appointment of Tory Coats to the position of director of career readiness.

5.29.2018 The appointment of Doug Taylor as our new Broadway Club director is covered by the Geauga News.

5.24.2018 The Akron Beacon Journal notes our hiring of Doug Taylor.

5.22.2018 Geauga News writes about Building Great Futures, in which teens learn how to rehabilitate homes.

5.21.2018 The appointment of Doug Taylor as the new Broadway Club director is the subject of a story by Cleveland Patch.

5.19.2018 WEWS runs a story on our Club baseball program.

5.18.2018 The Plain Dealer previews Camp Kit Day, at which Footpath Foundation gathers equipment for our kids who attend summer camp.

5.17.2018 WKYC’s Lakeside Live interviews Footpath Foundation President Mary Macias about the organization’s efforts to get our Club kids and others to summer camp.

5.16.2018 WEWS runs a story on Building Great Futures, an initiative in which teens are trained to rehabilitate homes.

5.15.2018 WVIZ/Ideastream reports on our efforts to expose more inner-city kids to the game of baseball.

5.11.2018 reports on our involvement in a new initiative to teach construction skills to teens.

5.9.2018 WEWS runs a story on the May 31 closing of Heights Youth Club.

5.5.2018 The Sun Press reports on the closing of our Heights Youth Club, effective May 31.

5.4.2018 runs a story on our decision to cease operations at Heights Youth Club.

4.22.2018 publishes a guest column by BGCC Communications Director Ken Wood.

4.21.2018 Fox 8 covers the tree-planting event at our Broadway Club.

4.21.2018 Geauga News reports on BGCC partner Footpath Foundation’s Camp Kit drive.

4.15.2018 Board member Tamra Billinghurst is recognized in a Sun News and column.

4.6.2018 The Case Western Reserve University Observer reports on our Ohio Youth of the Year.

4.5.2018 A Michigan Chronicle story notes that BGCC is one of five Clubs chosen for a program designed to bring more young women into manufacturing.

4.4.2018’s Courtney Astolfi posts a story and video from her interview with Tamara Thomas.

4.3.2018 Ron Soeder is interviewed in a WKYC story about changes at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.

4.2.2018 2018 Ohio Boys & Girls Clubs Youth of the Year Tamara Thomas is profiled by WEWS’s Frank Wiley Jr.

3.27.2018 The Plain Dealer reports on our efforts to help those displaced by an apartment fire in Cleveland.

3.26.2018 Cleveland Patch does a story on 2018 Ohio Boys & Girls Clubs Youth of the Year Tamara Thomas.

3.16.2018 Geauga News writes about the selection of Tamara Thomas as our Youth of the Year.

3.12.2018 Ron Soeder and Club alum Shayanne Beard are interviewed on WCPN radio’s Sound of Ideas in a segment on how eviction affects kids (segment starts at 24:49).

3.13.2018 Geauga News reports on our celebration and fundraiser at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

3.12.2018 Tamara Thomas, Ron Soeder and Shanelle Moon are interviewed on WTAM radio’s Wills and Snyder in the Morning show.

3.9.2018 WKYC runs a story with video on our Youth of the Year event.

3.9.2018 WKYC airs footage of Tamara Thomas being honored as our Youth of the Year.

3.9.2018 Cleveland Patch writes about 2018 Youth of the Year Tamara Thomas.

3.9.2018 WEWS anchor Frank Wiley Jr. covers our Youth of the Year event.

3.4.2018 Former staffer and current volunteer Azariah Jones writes a and Sun News op-ed piece on reviving baseball at our Clubs.

3.1.2018 Ideastream reports on the Cavs’ town hall discussion with our kids.

2.28.2018 Connections Cleveland posts a video about our organization featuring an interview with Ron Soeder.

2.28.2018 WEWS files a story on our efforts to make our Clubs safe in a violent world.

2.28.2018 92.3 The Fan’s Alex Hooper reports on the town hall discussion the Cavs had with our kids.

2.27.2018 The Akron Beacon Journal previews the Cavs’ town hall discussion with our kids.

2.16.2016 Our Youth of the Year finalists are profiled in the Geauga News.

2.12.2018 Cleveland Heights Patch does a story on one of the finalists for Youth of the Year.

2.9.2018 WEWS reports on the Alex Doody Catch Me If You Can basketball program.

2.7.2018 Read the latest in the ‘A Greater Cleveland’ series by’s Leila Atassi.

2.5.2018 and Sun News report on CEO Ron Soeder’s talk at Baldwin Wallace University.

2.2.2018 Heights Observer carries a story on the naming of Jackie Fehrenbach to the HYC director’s post.

1.31.2018 Geauga News announces the naming of Jackie Fehrenbach to the director’s post at Heights Youth Club.

1.26.2018 Sun Press columnist Jeff Piorkowski writes about Jackie Fehrenbach’s appointment as Heights Youth Club director.

1.24.2018 Cleveland Heights Patch runs a story on Jackie Fehrenbach’s appointment.

1.24.2018 Cleveland Jewish News reports on Andrew Cleves being named vice chair of our Bridge Board.

1.24.2018 WEWS-TV’s Paul Kiska files a story about how the Greater Cleveland Food Bank helps feed kids at our Clubs.

1.21.2018 Jeff Crosby, a violence interrupter with Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance, is interviewed by WEWS-TV in the wake of several shootings around town.

1.17.2018 Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance Director Sharyna Cloud is quoted in this story about an outbreak of juvenile crime.

1.15.2018 Andrew Cleves writes about his association with our Clubs in a column in the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal.

1.14.2018 The Sunday Plain Dealer reports on our branded hot sauce.

1.2.2018 Emily Bamforth of writes about our hot sauce collaboration with Pope’s Kitchen.


12.21.2017’s Evan MacDonald reports on the Cleveland Foundation’s $800,000 grant to Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance.

12.21.2017 WVIZ-Ideastream reports on the Cavs Isaiah Thomas and his interaction with our kids at a holiday party.

12.20.2017 reports on the Isaiah Thomas party for our kids.

12.20.2017 The Associated Press covers Isaiah Thomas’ holiday party for our kids at Cleveland Clinic Courts.

12.10.2017 Club parent Shanique Johnson writes an op-ed column for and the Sun News on the importance of afterschool programs.

12.1.2017 Several kids from our Franklin D. Roosevelt Club are featured in a story on the city of Cleveland’s TV20.

11.30.2017 In the wake of street violence, WEWS points to our Clubs as places where kids can be safe and have fun.

11.27.2017 Fresh Water Cleveland lists purchasing our kids’ hot sauce as one way to support a worthy charity on Giving Tuesday.

11.23.2017’s Chris Quinn urges support for our Clubs in a Thanksgiving column about the ‘A Greater Cleveland’ series.

11.20.2017 John Pana of covers the Cleveland Cavaliers holiday dinner event at our Broadway Club.

11.12.2017 NBA-TV’s Inside Stuff runs a feature on Isaiah Thomas’s visit to East Tech.

11.8.2017 FOX Sports Ohio interviews Ron Soeder and Allen Smith as part of its coverage of the Isaiah Thomas appearance at East Tech High School.

11.1.2017 Geauga News announces Isaiah Thomas’s appearance to kick off our Catch Me If You Can basketball program.

11.1.2017 Alys Virzi and Antonae Norris appear on WKYC’s Donovan Live to talk about our new hot sauce.

10.30.2017 Smart Business does a story on our Pathway to Resilience program.

10.29.2017 Common Pleas Judge Joan Synenberg, a Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance board member, writes an op-ed piece on a jail listening tour for

10.26.2017 Geauga News reports on the new hot sauce produced with peppers from our CLUB Crops farm program.

10.20.2017’s Courtney Astolfi reports on Sammy Rangel’s appearance at the Choose Peace 5k Run/Walk.

10.19.2017 Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance Director Sharyna Cloud appears on WTAM’s Bill Wills Show to promote the Choose Peace 5k Run.

10.12.2017 WVIZ Ideastream’s NewsDepth program salutes the team from Heights Youth Club, winners of the In It To Win It academic challenge.

10.4.2017 WEWS does a story on Cleveland Indians prospect Triston McKenzie’s visit to Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

10.4.2017 Geauga News story on the Choose Peace 5k Run/Walk benefitting Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance.

10.2.2017 The Geauga News does a story on Andre Reed’s literacy program tour before it stops at our Walton Club.

9.24.2017 Allen Smith, our director of operations, writes a Sun News/ column on the importance of fatherhood.

9.13.2017 WTAM radio reports on the launch of our Career Readiness Certificate program.

9.11.2017 Frank Wiley Jr. of WEWS interviews kids, BGCC staff members and a KeyBank representative about the Career Readiness Certificate program.

9.8.2017 previews the start of the Career Readiness Certificate program, supported by KeyBank and the Cleveland Browns.

8.29.2017’s installment in the ‘A Greater Cleveland’ series explores how one youth is beating the odds, thanks in part to our Clubs.

8.15.2017 Geauga News reports on the opening of two new BGCC teen centers.

8.14.2017 The Plain Dealer’s ‘A Greater Cleveland’ series explores the importance of a table to one family.

8.14.2017 Our Ron Soeder writes a column on common-sense solutions to gun violence.

8.13.2017’s Mark Naymik talks to kids at our King Kennedy Club about their hopes for the future.

8.8.2017 Chris Quinn, president and editor of Advance Ohio and, talks about the upcoming ‘A Greater Cleveland’ series in a column.

8.7.2017 WEWS interviews one of our kids for a story on changes in the state’s truancy law.

8.4.2017 Cleveland Patch publishes a story on Pathway to Resilience.

8.1.2017 Watch WOIO’s report on the discussion between Pathway to Resilience participants and supporters.

8.1.2017 WEWS reports on Pathway to Resilience, our job training program for at-risk young adults.

7.28.2017 Our Ron Soeder and Myesha Crowe appear on Fox 8’s Morning Show to promote the upcoming Common Ground discussion.

7.21.2017 WKYC covers the Carlos Santana bowling event benefitting our Clubs.

7.11.2017 The Plain Dealer’s Chuck Yarborough pens a feature on Montage, a group of high school musicians who rehearse in our recording studio.

7.11.2017 Frank Wiley Jr. of WEWS reports on the relocation of our East Cleveland Club and the benefits for our members.

7.8.2017 Our Jazmine Walker and author Ladosha Wright appear on WKYC to discuss efforts to promote reading.

7.8.2017 Our Broadway Club is featured in the special publication put out by GardenWalk Cleveland.

7.2.2017 Staff member Brandon Delk writes a column on police-youth relations.

6.30.2017 The Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s News Bureau reports on the new teen center at East Tech High School.

6.29.2017’s Leila Atassi reports on Taco Bell’s $1 million commitment to our Clubs.

6.28.2017 Marc Bona of interviews our kids for a piece on memories of people making their first trip to the ballpark.

6.27.2017 WOIO features volunteer superhero Kristy Amy, whose Soul to Soul program provides shoes for our kids.

6.26.2017 The relocation of our East Cleveland Club to the Salvation Army center is featured by the Geauga News.

6.21.2017 The Geauga News reports on our top rating from Charity Navigator.

6.13.2017 WKYC covers the kickoff of our celebrity reading series in the  new Soeder Family Garden.

6.11.2017 Chris Quinn, president and editor of Advance Ohio, writes about the ‘A Greater Cleveland’ initiative.

6.8.2017 posts a story on the NBA Cares/Cavs unveiling of the new East Tech Teen Center space.

6.8.2017 WKYC covers a visit by Cleveland Indians first baseman Carlos Santana to our Luis Munoz Marin Club.

6.2.2017’s Brenda Cain reports on a surprising project involving KeyBank interns and our kids.

5.27.2017 Geauga News writes about the start of our new celebrity reading series.

5.26.2017 WEWS anchor Frank Wiley reports on our efforts to improve police-community relations with the support of the Larry Doby Youth Fund.

5.21.2017 Mary Macias, co-founder of BGCC partner Footpath Foundation, writes about the importance of kids getting outdoors.

5.13.2017 Geauga News reports on ‘Beauty as it Opposes Darkness,’ our spring arts performance.

5.8.2017 Advance Ohio’s Chris Quinn writes about’s partnership with BGCC to help create stronger neighborhoods.

5.2.2017’s Brenda Cain reports on the success of the Nestle National Fitness Challenge.

5.2.2017 Frank Wiley Jr. of WEWS reports on our Notes for Notes Studio.

4.29.2017 WKYC reports on the Girl League event in which our kids participated.

4.15.2017 WKYC covers our Easter Eggstravaganza at the Broadway Club.

4.12.2017 WEWS reports on the charitable donations made by the Cleveland Indians to BGCC.

4.10.2017 Community Day at two Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant gets coverage on

4.6.2017 WJW Fox 8 reports on the Kids Foot Locker Foundation Fitness Challenge with Kevin Love.

4.6.2017 Watch WKYC’s report on the Kids Foot Locker Foundation Fitness Challenge and the $10,000 donation to our Clubs.

4.6.2017 reports on the Kids Foot Locker Foundation Fitness Challenge with Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

4.2.2017 Youth of the Year Miryne Thomas publishes a column on and in the Sun News.

3.28.2017 posts a slideshow on the ring ceremony at John Adams High School.

3.28.2017 WKYC reports on a special ceremony in which the Cleveland Cavaliers presented Club kids with replica championship rings.

3.15.2017 Cleveland Jewish News runs a story on the appointment of Michael Chesney to the BGCC Board of Directors.

3.15.2017 Hospitality Industry reports on our participation in the opening of a new Ruth’s Chris Steak House in  Cleveland.

3.14.2017 The Geauga News reports on the naming of Miryne Thomas as our Youth of the Year.

3.10.2017 covers our Breakfast of Champions, which honored Youth Champion of the Year Paul Dolan and Youth of the Year Miryne Thomas.

3.10.2017 The Diocese of Cleveland reports on the naming of Cleveland Central Catholic senior Miryne Thomas as our Youth of the Year.

2.26.2017 NASDAQ posts Lexus Spence wedding story on its news feed.

2.25.2017 WFMY (Greensboro, N.C.) carries story on King Kennedy Club wedding.

2.25.2017 The Plain Dealer covers the Tri-C High School Rock Off Final Exam, with BGCC-affiliated group Montage finishing second.

2.24.2017 Story on the Lexus Spence wedding on WKYC.

2.24.2017 Fox 8 carries a story on the wedding at our King Kennedy Club.

2.24.2017’s Rachel Keck posts a video on the marriage of Lexus Spence and Roy Edwards.

2.24.2017 WEWS and anchor Frank Wiley Jr. file a story on the Lexus Spence wedding.

2.19.2017 BGCC President and CEO Ron Soeder writes a guest column for titled, “We all pay a price for street violence.”

2.16.2017’s Leila Atassi reports that Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance will play a key role in Mayor Frank Jackson’s plans to quell street violence and improve the lives of inner-city youth.

2.3.2017 Enhanced Online News reports on United Healthcare’s NERF ENERGY event at the Broadway Club.

1.20.2017 Fox 8 News in Cleveland files a story on the Kyrie-Kids Foot Locker event.

1.20.2017 ABC News reports on Kyrie Irving’s message to our Club kids.

1.20.2017 Associated Press reporter Tom Withers covers Kyrie Irving’s appearance at our Broadway Club.

1.14.2017 The News-Herald reports on our band’s upcoming performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1.10.2017 Scene lists the performance by our band kids as one of the events marking the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

1.6.2017 Our Ron Soeder talks about a new literacy initiative on the premiere of WKYC’s We The People.


12.9.2016 Our new jobs partnership with Resilience Capital Partners merits a ‘cheer’ from The Plain Dealer editorial board.

12.8.2016 WKYC lists our winter arts extravaganza as one of five things to do in Cleveland this weekend.

12.8.2016 Crain’s Cleveland Business reports on our career-readiness partnership with Resilience Capital Partners.

12.7.2016 The Plain Dealer reports on Pathway to Resilience, a new program in which BGCC and Resilience Capital Partners are partnering to put at-risk teens and young adults on a career path.

12.6.2016’s Leila Atassi reports that Cleveland City Council has allocated money to Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance to embed a ‘violence interrupter’ in the University Hospitals emergency room.

12.2.2016 The Geauga News publishes a story about the $15,000 grant BGCC received from The GE Foundation.

11.28.2016 West Shore Sun columnist Carol Kovach reports on the hiring of Westlake native Alyz VIrzi.

11.25.2016 Sun News columnist ‘Sam’ Boyer reports on the appointment of Alys Virzi as BGCC’s new farm manager.

10.31.2016 WEWS-TV reports that Cleveland Indians World Series watch parties generated $330,000 for local charities, including Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

10.31.2016 The Geauga News reports on the Triple Play grants we received from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

10.27.2016 The New Yorker features two of our Saint Luke’s staffers in a photo essay on first-time voters.

10.24.2016 Cleveland State University’s student newspaper, The Cauldron, runs a story on a new volunteer partnership between CSU and BGCC.

10.24.2016 Cool Cleveland runs a story on the new pollinator garden at our Broadway Club.

10.20.2016’s Leila Atassi-Coppola reports on the latest  efforts by Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance to quell violence in our neighborhoods.

10.1.2016 In its blog, Social Solutions calls the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland’s annual report one of the five best nonprofit reports in the nation.

9.17.2016 WEWS covers the march for suicide awareness supported by our Broadway Club.

9.14.2016 A march for suicide awareness — one supported by our Broadway Club — is previewed in The Neighborhood News.

9.14.2016 The Neighborhood News runs a story on our new Club at Garfield Heights Middle School.

9.10.2016 Brunswick Post columnist Melissa Martin runs a story on Renata Fossen Brown.

9.1.2016 Sun Press columnist Jeff Piorkowski reports on the appointment of Renata Fossen Brown to the BGCC staff.

8.17.2016 A story in The Geauga News features the five local teens who served Bank of America internships with us this summer.

8.17.2016 WKYC runs a story on our launch of a LEGO Robotics program.

8.10.2016 The Solon Times reports on Nestlé’s volunteer effort at the National Fitness Competition, which included more than 200 of our Club members.

7.29.2016 Councilman Zack Reed’s Ward 2 Informer reports on improvements to our John Adams Teen Center, courtesy of the Cavs and NBA Cares.

7.25.2016 WKYC’s Alyssa Raymond reports on how we are training our Club members to do news reporting with video.

7.25.2016 USA Boxing releases video on Club kid and Olympic boxer Charles Conwell of Cleveland Heights.

7.24.2016 PBS Newshour’s Student Reporting Labs report on the Republican National Convention includes interviews with members of our John Adams Teen Center.

7.22.2016 The Laura Flanders Show interviews Jamal Collins, our graphic arts instructor, about the Cleveland not always on display during the Republican National Convention.

7.21.2016 Education Week takes a break from the Republican National Convention to report on two of our initiatives: a recording studio and an entrepreneurial farm program. (Free access)

7.18.2016 reports Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland is one of the organizations chosen to take part in a mentorship program created by U.S. Rep. James Renacci.

7.17.2016 On the eve of the Republican National Convention, The New York Times looks at Cleveland’s Slavic Village neighborhood, which includes our Broadway Club.

7.11.2016 Slam magazine runs a story on Kyrie Irving’s shoe donation.

7.9.2016 WKYC covers Kyrie Irving’s donation of 190 pairs of Nike sneakers to our kids.

7.6.2016 SportsTime Ohio talks to BGCC President Ron Soeder about our relationship with the Cleveland Indians during an interview before the Indians-Tigers game.

7.3.2016 Fresh Water Cleveland reports on our new recording studio.

6.9.2016 story and video on the NBA Cares Live, Learn and Play project at John Adams

6.9.2016 WKYC’s Sara Shookman covers the unveiling of the NBA Cares improvements at our John Adams Teen Center.

6.6.2016 Ron Soeder is a guest on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas, where he discussed our summer programs.

6.2.2016 Sara Shookman of WKYC and Club member Joseph Thomas record a public service announcement for our Race for Kids.

6.1.2016 WCPN’s Tony Ganzer interviews Ron Soeder and Sharyna Cloud about our takeover of Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance.

5.29.2016 A Plain Dealer analysis discusses Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance’s role in curbing youth violence.

5.26.2016 Sun News reports on Bridgestone Credit Division’s contribution to BGCC.

5.26.2016 Leila Atassi of The Plain Dealer and reports on the discussions between Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance and Cure Violence.

5.26.2016 The Plain Dealer’s Chuck Yarborough writes about our new Notes for Notes recording studio.

5.9.2016 Dennis Kucler, our workforce development manager, is featured in a story in Crain’s Cleveland Business.

4.22.2016 See a story from WKYC about our Bridge Board members serving as guest bartenders and donating all tips to Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

4.18.2016 WKYC reports on Liberty Ford’s donation of a van to BGCC, with a custom paint job designed by Club kid Kameron Pearson, 13.

4.7.2016 King Kennedy Club member Treasure Hurt is interviewed in this WEWS story on a digital connection program in Cleveland.

4.4.2016 Alyssa Raymond of WKYC features footage of our kids playing baseball in her report on the Cleveland Indians support of local baseball programs.

4.4.2016 WKYC does a feature on Youth of the Year Zayllianny Mojica as part of its Opening Day coverage.

4.3.2016 WOIO reports on DJ Knyce breaking the world record for the longest Ferris wheel ride, an event benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

4.2.2016 Laura DeMarco of interviews DJ Knyce as he tries for the world record.

4.2.2016 DJ Knyce’s world record attempt is covered by WOIO Cleveland.

4.1.2016 WKYC covers the start of DJ Knyce’s attempt to break the world record for riding a Ferris wheel in an event benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

3.21.2016 Fox 8 reports on Club kid Charles Conwell’s return to Cleveland after making the U.S. Olympic Team for the Summer Games.

3.19.2016 Neighbors meet with safety personnel at Cleveland Clinic-organized event, NewsChannel 5 reports.

3.14.2016 WEWS-TV’s Frank Wiley Jr. tells the story Zayllianny Mojica, our Youth of the Year.

3.13.2016 The Plain Dealer and cover the Greater Cleveland Caucus and the safety discussion led by BGCC President Ron Soeder.

3.13.2016 The Cleveland Browns report on Kevin Mack’s message at our Youth of the Year and Recognition Breakfast.

3.10.2016 WKYC-TV reports on our workforce development open house.

3.3.2016: WTAM reports on Sharyna C. Cloud’s appointment as new head of Cleveland Peacemakers

2.22.2016: WOIO interviews Ron Soeder about the dangers of toy guns

1.27.2016: Sun News profiles Myesha Crowe of our Broadway Club

1.27.2016: WKYC covers Club kids attending screening of movie ‘Race’

1.14.2016: Charles Conwell interview on ESPN Cleveland

1.8.2016: Ideastream video about Olympic hopeful Charles Conwell

1.8.2016: WKYC report on Charles Conwell

1.8.2016: Plain Dealer listing of our kids performance at Rock Hall on Jan. 18

1.7.2016: WCPN report on Charles Conwell rally in Cleveland Heights

1.7.2016: Two videos from WEWS on Charles Conwell

1.6.2016: story on Charles Conwell rally


12.23.2015: WKYC reports on BGCC takeover of Peacemakers Alliance 

12.21.2015:  Cleveland Plain Dealer story on Peacemakers changes

12.18.2015: Story by WKYC on Peacemakers Alliance

12.18.2015:, Sun News story on Myesha Crowe appointment

12.18.2015: WEWS story on impact of Greater Cleveland Food Bank

12.15.2015: Plain Dealer story on renovations to King Kennedy Club

12.13.2015: Sun News, op-ed piece by Walter Chapman

12.10.2015: WCPN reports on Ohio AG DeWine praising our workforce development program in City Club of Cleveland speech

12.8.2015: CMSD News Bureau reports on new Clubs at John Adams, Lincoln West

12.7.2015: Morning Journal reports on Dennis Kancler heading workforce development

12.6.2015: Crain’s Cleveland Business story on our workforce development program

12.3.2015: Story in the Lorain Morning Journal on the hiring of Rob Anderson

12.1.2015: Smart Business story on BGCC

11.21.2015: reports on Thanksgiving Dinner for our kids at Progressive Field

11.21.2015:  Some of our Club kids are interviewed in video about Tamir Rice

 11.8.2015: Plain Dealer story on our kids performing with Smokey Robinson

 10.29.2015: Upcoming Smokey Robinson event reported in Plain Dealer

10.26.2015: PR Newswire reports on the kickoff of the Nestlè National Fitness Competition

10.19.2015: Hudson Hub-Times story on coat collection for Clubs

10.17.2015: Kievra Harris video featured on Teen Tech Tank

10.16.2015: highlights our Shazam! benefit

10.14.2015: Neighborhood Connections reports on our member Art Show

10.13.2015: PR Newswire reports on Max & Erma’s support for BGCC

10.8.2015: Richard Starr appears on The Forum on WTAM radio

 10.5.2015: WEWS interviews Richard Starr about street violence

10.1.2015: Plain Dealer columnist Phillip Morris writes about street violence

9.24.2015: WEWS reports on our farm program

9.15.2015: One of our Club kids is a guest on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas

9.3.2015: and Sun News run a story on Robert Koonce

9.31.2015: and Sun News report on hiring of Ken Wood

9.24.2015: A story on Battle for the Paddle appears on

9.3.2015: The Plain Press reports on programming at our Walton and West Side Clubs