FAQ about Programs

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Q.  How are you different from other after-school programs?
A.  BGCC provides a safe place for youth to go after school and during the summer where they can learn, grow, have a hot meal and have fun. We provide strong, nationally tested programming designed to address academics, character and leadership development and foster healthy lifestyles among our youth. Our professional staff and volunteers are expertly trained to be strong role models and inspire our youth to realize their full potential. Through our staff and volunteers, we provide recreational opportunities, tutoring and arts and cultural experiences in free-standing Clubhouses, as well as select school sites in Cleveland.


Q.  Are you affiliated with Big Brothers Big Sisters?
A.  We are often confused with Big Brothers Big Sisters; however, we don’t have any formal affiliation with that organization. Big Brothers Big Sisters does a fabulous job pairing disadvantaged youth with individual mentors.  BGCC staff and volunteers provide one-on-one and small-group mentoring, though our staff and volunteers are not permitted to engage with youth one-on-one offsite. Boys & Girls Clubs is a destination, and youth outcomes are the result of each child's experience with peers and adults at the Club, through sanctioned field trips and through strategically planned and designed youth development programming after school and during the summer.


Q.  When are the Clubs open?
A.  Call your specific Club for hours of operation. 


Q.  What is there to do?
A.  Clubs offer a wide range of activities including games room, sports teams and skill classes, leadership groups, arts & crafts, computers and special field trips. Program areas include both individual and small group activities. Call a specific Club for details. 


Q.  Will the Club help me with my homework?
A.  During the school year, Clubs provide homework help and tutoring daily. While at the Club, members can also utilize resources found in our libraries and technology labs to assist in complete homework assignments. 


Q.  How much does membership cost?
A.  The after school program is $10 per year. These fees are based on family income. There are additional fees for summer and track break programs, as well as other special activities. Scholarships are available; no child is turned away due to inability to pay. 


Q.  Can I be a member at more than one Club?
A.   As a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, you can attend any of our clubs. Some restrictions apply to the Heights Youth Club location.


Q.  How do I sign up?
A.  A parent or guardian should come, in person, and complete the necessary forms to join during regular Club hours. There is no waiting period; children may enjoy Club activities the same day. We encourage parents or guardians to visit a Club for a tour.


Q.  Who can join a Boys & Girls Club?
A.  Membership is open to young people between the ages of 6 and 18. 


Q.  Is transportation provided?
A.  Transportation is not currently provided to or from our Clubs. 


Q.  How often can I come to the Club?
A.  You may attend as often as you want - every day or occasionally. Our programs allow for participation whether you attend regularly or on a drop-in basis. 


Q.  Do any of the Clubs serve meals?
A.  Yes. Each Club serves a daily meal.  Parents may complete required documentation for our Kids Café program while enrolling their child(ren).   Call your local Club for more information.  


Q.  How can I stay aware of what’s happening at the Boys & Girls Club?
A.  Anyone can check us out at our facebook or twitter page.

You can also find out about our activities by viewing our online calendar.