Why I give

“Reflecting about the ‘why’ has been an enlightening journey.  I have been blessed with abundance.  I am learning every single day just how blessed I am.  So the answer is simple – I have more then I need …and I just want to share that. I want to make a difference.  I want to emulate my parents, who are the epitome of hard work and selflessness. Here’s the tricky part: Giving in the right fashion and to the right people with the right execution can be tough!  I learned this the hard way a few times.  Intentions are often not enough.  I have learned responsible giving and look forward to learning more.  In this journey I have learned one thing — I still have so much to learn!  That leads me to why my sisters and I, through our foundation, give to the Clubs. The funds in the foundation were lovingly put there by my parents, who wish for us to continue a legacy of giving back.  It is a great honor, but also a huge responsibility. When deciding where to put our yearly funds, we decided pulling together to make one large annual distribution would be best. We also decided that at this time in our lives we needed to give to an organization with leadership that we knew and trusted. Anyone that has the privilege of a friendship with Ron Soeder understands that trusting him comes with ease.”

Mandy English

Highland Heights