Supporters like you win, teach respect

Your dollars provide so much for youth – academic help, a hot meal daily, athletics, arts, music, career readiness and fun. But for kids like Kyla, 10, your support extends to another level.

“The Club has taught me how to be respectful, kind and a nicer person,” she says.

Kyla has thrived since joining the Broadway Club at the start of the school year. On any given day, you’ll find her in the art room (abstracts are her specialty), in the gym or just chatting with friends.

“Kyla is a burst of energy, sweet, respectful and engaging,” says Club Director Shanelle Moon. “She is always interested in being involved in club programs and events and is eager to assist program staff. Kyla is quickly establishing herself as a leader at Broadway and in a short time has developed into a model Boys & Girls Club member.”

Kyla says “most of my friends come here (to the Club), so I wanted to join.” Her grandmother was all in favor of the idea, and Kyla has been an active, enthusiastic Club member ever since.

“I love coming here – it is very fun,” she says.

And because of you, Kyla is becoming a better, more responsible person.