You provide hope for a promising child

Timothy smiles a lot these days.

You would never know the energetic and optimistic 10-year-old struggles with a difficult family situation. You would not suspect such a bright kid has had trouble in the classroom. You would probably be surprised to learn there was a time when being around Timothy was not fun.

Timothy is thriving today because he found a place where he felt safe and someone who understood him.

The place is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland’s Walton Club – a space he calls his second home – and the caring adult mentor is Club Director Barbara Bell, who is helping Timothy flourish in school and navigate a difficult home life.

“He is doing so well in class, so well in general. I am so proud of Timothy,” Bell says.

Your support has helped turn around Timothy’s life, giving him opportunities he would not have otherwise. He plays sports, goes on field trips and gets his homework done at the Club. He says the Club has made such a positive impact on his life that he would be “devastated” if he could not go there after school each day. “I’m a different person,” he says. “I’m learning more about helping people, helping my community.”