Your support gives her a safe, fun place to go

La’Jaya’s smile melts into a rigid stare.

“My cousin, he died in January or February after he was shot,” she says, looking away. Another cousin was shot 10 times.

“But he’s still alive,” she adds, looking up. It would be a mistake to believe La’Jaya’s calm descriptions of violent shootings are evidence that the 11-year-old is unaffected by them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. “I feel sad, very sad,” she says.

La’Jaya finds peace in the joyful hubbub at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland’s King Kennedy Club, where she goes every day after school. She loves to play dodgeball, pool and ping pong. She likes hanging out with friends. And, at least for a few hours, she doesn’t think about violence.

“I feel safe here,” she says.

Without your support, hundreds of Cleveland kids like La’Jaya would not have safe, fun places to go after school. You are their heroes, because your generosity gives them a chance for a great future.