Why I volunteer

“I moved back home to Northeast Ohio from Washington D.C. after the Obama administration ended. It was hard coming back. I missed my friends and colleagues and the sense of love and community I felt every day at work. I wanted to find that feeling again, so I called the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland and asked to volunteer. I’m coming up on a year with the organization. In that time, we’ve gone on picnics; discussed healthy foods, learned about bugs and insects. We’ve shared how it feels when we don’t make the cut. I’ve peeled more oranges — and made more paper airplanes — than I can count. I’m grateful for all of it. It feels good to learn and share and be connected to others. I’m glad for the smart, strong, silly, loving kids I’ve met through the program. I feel lucky for the staffs’ friendships. They’re the reason I volunteer.”

Carli Cichocki