Forging meaningful relationships

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It is not unfair to say Shyanne Beard, 26, has been on her own since birth.

Born to a 19-year-old mother, she spent most of her life caring for her siblings and her mom, who died in early 2018. Yet she became a star athlete, a college graduate and a four-year Towlift Inc. employee.

She credits two things for her success: “The Club and Mr. Soeder.”

Shyanne says the Club “gave me opportunities in education, sports and even how to manage my money – everything. “ And it was what she calls her “magical relationship” with BGCC President and CEO Ron Soeder that kept her on a positive path, even when things were bleak.

“He’s like a second dad to me,” says Shyanne, a Notre Dame College graduate who is now a training assistant at Towlift. “He treats me as if I’m his daughter. Even now, he keeps up with me and wants to know how I’m doing. It’s so great to have someone in your corner. It’s special.”