About time: Kids learn how to read analog clocks

Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland partnered with DiscountWatchStore.com, a leading online watch retailer, in an effort to educate children on how to tell time on an analog clock. Four time-learning workshops are being held at our Clubs in November and December, and the company is donating custom, self-learning watches for the children.

The event is part of a nationwide initiative to highlight a significant problem with today’s youth in the digital age, allowing the youngsters the opportunity to learn a fundamental component of early childhood and development. A survey earlier this year assessed over 2,000 children between 6-12 years old in seven states across the U.S., with over 75% of children unable to read time on an analog clock.

“It is alarming how many children only know what a digital clock reads, and despite an era of digital technology, there will undoubtedly come a time when today’s youth will need to read the time on an analog clock. It is a basic skill every individual should posses,” said DiscountWatchStore.com owner Zai Zhu. “We are thrilled to be able to bring this nationwide initiative to Ohio and hope to make a lasting difference for children across Cleveland.”

The donated custom self-learning watches are specifically designed by the watch retailer, with color-coded hour blocks and specifically catered hour and minute hands that correspond with the appropriate information, allowing children to continue learning to read time on their own.

“We’re excited to offer these workshops to our kids,” said Renata Brown, Director of Program Operations at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland. “We think they are going to enjoy them and be able to practice telling time. We know this is a skill that many are lacking, and this will help them be more successful in life. Plus they get a cool watch!”