Workforce development

We help break the cycle of poverty by creating pathways to good jobs.

In 2015, we launched a program aimed at creating careers for teens who do not attend college.

Our workforce development program differs from many others in that it provides not just a job but a career pathway for those who do not pursue a post-secondary education. We explore the hiring needs of local companies to determine what skills they need to see from a potential employee in order to guarantee that person a job. Then we work with the company to set up a program that enables our kids to learn those specific skills as well as more general ones. Club members following one of these career paths must attend all training, graduate from high school and stay out of trouble.

Kids who successfully complete the program will have a job when they get out of school.

The program matches local companies’ need for reliable, trained workers with the career needs of teens who do not go to college. One way to break the cycle of poverty in Cleveland is to give teens a pathway to good careers.