Farm program

Our kids learn how to grow crops and businesses.

Our farm program, which is based at the Broadway Club, is for kids ages 15-18 who are interested in “growing” their own businesses – literally. Under the supervision of our staff, participants learn how to start, operate and grow their own business using their horticultural experiences.

The youths selected for this program are part-time, paid workers. Participants work about 10 hours a week in the spring and fall and about 15 hours a week in the summer. Kids grow produce in on-site gardens and greenhouses and then sell the items at Cleveland-area farmers markets. In addition, kids in the farm program are involved in a host of landscaping projects at the Broadway Club, including tree-planting initiatives, lawn maintenance and planting-bed upkeep.

This program is a great entry point for those wanting to start a business. It gives our kids a chance to master the five key parts of entrepreneurship, which are planning, risk-taking, sales and marketing, communication and problem-solving skills.